Monday, November 19, 2012

Alabama Studio Style: Ocean Circle-Spiral Appliques

Starting a new Alabama Chanin dress on genuine Alabama Chanin jersey in Turquoise. The thrift store yielded four tee shirts in toning aquas and pale blues.

I'm layering on the circle-spiral appliques generally from the hem up, dark to light, in a vague ombre reference. It's fun.


SewRuthie said...

Very pretty. I'd not really seen the appeal until someone gifted me a big bag of knit scraps! Now I'm paying attention.

Holly said...

I LOVE this, Anna. My favorite color and what a cool idea.

Just Me said...

This is so gorgeous! Out of curiousity... Have you ever kept track of how long it takes you to make one of these masterpieces?

Susan said...

these Alabama Chanin pieces are gorgeous -- I'm wondering how laundering them works -- does the detail work keep its size and shape?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa said...

My guess is, that however long it takes Anna, it would take the rest of us a little longer. :O


Anna said...

Susan, yes, they hold up very well in the laundry. In my house they are all worn by spill-prone young women, and me, a messy person.

Not sure how long it takes to make one--the applique actually goes really fast. Much faster than a knitting project, for instance.'

the momma said...

Lovely, as usual! I am anxious to hear your opinion on the AC jersey

my word verification is 'artsword'. appropriate, I thought ;-)

olgawathne said...

Beautiful colour combination - I like the look of this.

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