Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Hour of Snow Day Log Cabin Quilt, Finished

Like a snow day here in the South, this ascetic black and white makes just the rare appearance in my sewing room.

It's just as refreshing as real snow though. I very much enjoyed piecing this quilt, and my mother enjoyed quilting it, and praised the lack of bulky fabrics (makes her job much easier).

 There's a lot of floppy linen in it, some fine wool suiting, and some gorgeous vintage cotton. It's in my etsy shop. Buy it before the snow flies!


Lisa said...

Oh, I like it!


Sarah said...

It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between piecing and quilting?


Anna said...

Good question! Piecing is the way you sew the fabric pieces together to make the top, and quilting is the part of the process where you stitch all three layers (top, middle fluff, and back) together. It's kind of the equivalent of top-stitching. On this quilt you see it as the larger, bright stitches that run in rows across the quilt.

Kimberlee said...

I never tire of admiring your gorgeous quilts, creating so much beauty from the little scraps and relying on your artistic eye rather than modern designer fabrics. Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about your process like you did when you made the square patchworks a while back. Does your mother do the quilting with thread or is it floss? Does she mark her lines in advance or is she so expert she just sets off across the wild yonder in confidence? And your obvious mastery of the log cabin - any tips? You two are such a marvelous team!

Anna said...

Thanks, Kimberlee. My mother does the quilting with three squares of embroidery floss--the color choices are so rich with floss. Since the quilts are pieced in two-inch strips and she's quilting down the middle of them, she just eyeballs the line to quilt. Also, we don't mind a little bit of quirk!

As to design, I usually start out by choosing the color of the center square. That is always the same in each block. Traditionally it was red, but I find that I want to tell other color stories too. I often work from dark to light, and I like the squares to be generally the same but absolutely with some variation to keep the eye rested. I think I'll do a whole post about that!

Lisa said...

A whole post on that would be nice!


Kimberlee said...

Thank you so much, Anna, and I look forward to that post!

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