Monday, December 31, 2012

A Log Cabin Quilt Retrospective

I wondered exactly how many log cabin quilts I'd made this year, and this is what I found: ten smaller quilts, and eight twin-size quilts. Not counting the ones I've pieced that are waiting on quilting--thanks, Mother!

A good year for quilts. 

I'm not done exploring this design, and before long I'll be showing you completed Japanese Maple, Blackberry Patch, Reflecting Pool, Frosty Morning, Lake with Whitecaps, and Saturday Morning at the Hardware Store.

Happy 2013!



April said...

beautiful quilts!!!

Rose said...

Happy New Year Anna!

ALoadofOldTat said...

What a lovely way to recall the passing of 2012.

Margo said...

They're absolutely lovely. The names are so charming. I adore patchwork and I want to spend more time with it because of the magic that happens over a broad expanse. And I would really enjoy seeing your entire quilts, to get the full effect.

Fiona said...

Happy New Year!
They look amazing, each with its own flavour, and play of light and shade. A huge achievement for one year! What will 2013 bring...?

Anonymous said...

Your quilts are beautiful! They make me want to sew just so I can think of fun names.

Lisa said...

Happy New Year!


Erin said...

Such productivity! One day I will fill my hours with endless piecing and quilting, but for now I am finding joy in potty-training and math lessons.

I love that you name your quilts (and I can't wait to see Saturday Morning at the Hardware Store!)

The Mayo Family said...

Happy New year to you as well!
Funny that you should post this as just yesterday my daughters and I were on your blog looking at your log-cabin quilts as we are working on one here at our home and this is the top stitching design that we choose for our log-cabin quilt!
You are so blessed to have your Momma to help you with this still!
Thanks for all the posting and for the inspiration! :)
Momma Mayo

LISA said...

Hi Anna,
Happy New Year!
Would you consider showing a sketch with the dimensions of your pieces? Hoping to tackle a log cabin quilt out of my scrap bin/shelves this year.

Anna said...

Lisa, I hope to do that soon, but in the meantime I can tell you that it is all done with three-inch wide strips. I start the quilt with a 3 x 3 square, and continue to build on that out to the edge of the block.

Anonymous said...

I scrolled up, & I scrolled down. And I still can't decide which of your quilts is my favorite! Very pretty, all of them. :o) Happy New Year to you & yours.


Anonymous said...

So lovely! Thank you for sharing!


seashoreknits said...

All so lovely, Anna - I really enjoyed looking at all these photos.
Your sense of color and layout is so good - these photos would look great in a framed photo montage!
Thank you for sharing the beauty!

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Amazing. Stunning. Beautiful work!

Jen's Busy Days said...

How long do your quilts last? My MIL made us one when we got married and the edges and some panels started to fray about the 10 year mark. Now it is 20 years and there are definite holes. I loved the colours but I am definitely not a seamstress by any imagination so couldn't see myself fixing it.

Jen in Oz

Anna said...

I have quilts that were made in the 40s and 50s--starting to get fragile now and not in everyday use. Ones my grandparents made in the 70s are still good, some tops I bought in antique stores and quilted are generally still good. A lot of the wear depends on the type and condition of fabric. I accept that someday they will wear out, and will need to be fixed or thrown out.

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