Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Anna's Garden" Stencil

The upside of having my sewing machine gone was time to cut a new stencil for an Alabama Chanin project. This is (so appropriately!) Anna's Garden--you can download it from the website and print it out, but then you're going to have to do all that cutting . . . . so you'd better be motivated!

 I had this printed out and taped together a while ago, but then Fitzwilliam threw up on one of the corners, so I had to replace that part before I started. Oh, the sordid details outside the frame!

I'm working with pennant felt--it's a very thick acrylic felt that takes a lot of power to cut through, but then is long-lasting. My next $2000 purchase may well be a laser cutter. But that may be a while.


willfulmina said...

While you save up, I highly recommend a $10 hot stencil cutter (which doubles as a wood burning tool). I used mine with Mylar, so I'm not sure how it would do with felt. Anyway, it was a huge improvement over the old x-acto knife. So precise--and you just glide over the surface lightly. Those curves are impossible otherwise.

Anna said...

Wow, so glad to hear about this! Think I can get one at Hobby Lobby?

Anonymous said...

"but then Fitzwilliam threw up on one of the corners"

Lol. My cat tends to throw up on my desk and then tries to cover the malheur by pulling other pieces of paper over it. Guess who has a very tidy guess these days with all the papers filed?

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