Friday, December 28, 2012

Clara's Knitting: Short Stripey Socks

Clara used her first sit-down-and-knit at home to finish these quickly--she had done the vast majority of the work at school. I love the crisp cream and navy stripes. 

On to mittens for her! As for me, I'm crocheting my granny square afghan into something the size of Eurasia.


Margo said...

oh! I have been thirsting for navy striped socks! My son had a pair and enliven everything. I love Clara's socks. I am so impressed with the stripes.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Great job, Clara. I'm wondering what type of heel she did on these?


Lisa said...

What an excellent knitter she is.


Anonymous said...

That girl can really knit! Ilove the socks.

Anonymous said...

Lovely socks. Over Christmas break I have been working on a linen quilt(Thank you for the inspiration, Anna). Midway through the sewing of the top, my son asked how long it was going to take to finish. I said "Oh, about until the cows come home...and seeing as we don't have any cows that could be a looong time."
Amy F.

Carol said...

These are beautiful! (MD)

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