Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Knitted Red Bear

Several years ago I knitted Brown Bear for Daisy. I was going to give him away as a baby present but failed to move on that before she bonded with him.

He's grown old and tall (not like the way most aging people do) and just about ready for retirement to a closet shelf, so Daisy asked Clara to make her Red Bear, from some silky alpaca in the yarn suitcase. Clara was able to whip out all his pieces over Thanksgiving, save his right ear. I knitted that myself this morning while giving Daisy a spelling test, and sewed it in place.

Here are the two of them together. Red bear has a handsome triangle trim to his nose, so you can tell he's newer.


Rose said...

I'm glad brown bear has a companion.

Julian said...

Ive had my bear since I was 7. Thats 35 years. My mom walked to the drugstore in the snow to buy it for me when I got chicken pox. Thoes bears are wonderful. Great job!

Kim said...

Does Daisy knit yet?

Anna said...

Kim, no, not yet--but she does crochet.

Christina, I love that story.

Mary Ellen Barrett said...

Did you use a pattern for the bear? I would love to try knitting one but my skills are very novice like.

I love how loved brown bear looks. Every child should have one toy that looks like that.

Laura said...

Lovely! I just saw my friend's knitted Nativity scene tonight and I was charmed. And now this! I really must learn how to knit. Thank you for continuing your blog - a breath of freshness, beauty, joy and contentment!

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