Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Huge Spray of Orchids

Picking up the mid-week supplement of more apples and bananas, I found the florist stocking her department with a large display of these cymbidium orchids. The pots were around $20, and I anticipate the flowers will last at least eight weeks, even with lackadaisical care. I can do that math! That's less than $3 a week for the most gorgeous blooms! 

And in continuing table runner news (of course), there are two more in my etsy shop, a little different this time. If you've even wanted to do just a smidgen of embroidery, these would be perfect to embellish with one or more hearts in chain stitch, satin stitch, or whatever takes your fancy . . . .


Lisa said...

I like the strip runners, too - why the heck don't I make one??? (too many projects going on)


Kim said...

I, apparently, are too slow. They are gone before I even get a glimpse of them. :)


Farrah said...

My daughter surprised me yesterday with beautiful flowers. It's nice to see them on our tabletop. I only purchase herbs, not flowers.

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