Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rosie Posie Tea Cosy

Still working from Cute and Easy Crochet--this is the Rosie Posie Tea Cosy.  The body is simple straight rows, always the hardest to get right for me. In fact, the two sides don't really match, but who can look at the load of flowers and still care?

Lazie Daizie embroidery, yes?

I love it! And it used up so many scraps. It's all afghan leftovers.


Julian said...


Donna said...

So cute, love it!

Rose said...

Nice cosy but the name is incomparable. ;)

Julie said...

Do you ever stop?! I'd love to wake up to a pot of tea with that darling cover.

Lisa said...

Very fantastical looking!


Farrah said...

Very cute! Did y'all host a tea?

The Mayo Family said...

You have 'simply' lovely items that you make!
I imagine a home quiet & serene...ah Cute tea cover!
I am wondering not to nosy I hope, we always wonder do you sew in a room just for sewing and then can come & go on your projects?
Our trouble is it's so fun to work on things you know...then it's dinner or whatever and you need to clear it all off and with several of's a on going thing.
Just a question?
I just did another wee-lil place mat with the every 1-2" straight stitch quilting & my girls call it "Pleasant View Quilting" smile

Margo said...

oh that's just luscious! I so wish my library had this book. I must learn to crochet (although I had the same problem with straight rows that you do - at least I don't get lost in my knitting the same way, but it's so incredibly SLOW).

Anna said...

Lori, I do have a sewing room for my machine and fabric--it's really cold this time of year though and I'll sometimes move my machine to the dining table for a few days for a project, which looks really messy.

But I do my handwork by the fire! And keep it in a basket by my chair.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna, I've been following your blog for the last few years and I enjoy your posts so much. I have a question for you do you finish your projects so quickly? I know you have other tasks that fill your day, but I'm thinking this just must be your nitch (so-to-speak). Your creativity is endless, and your giftings are so very evident. Thank you for sharing.

~Micah from Texas

Anonymous said...

I love it! Planning to make a cozy myself, just as soon as I get the other two projects completed that are now "on the needles". How I wish I were better at crochet, just to do something different. Your floral embellishment looks tempting to try!


Anna said...

Micah, I can't stop sewing and doing needlework! My day isn't complete without a few minutes, and I don't like to switch project without finishing-so that's my secret, if there is one!

Hana - Marmota said...

Scrap busting projects that are cute and useful as well? The best.

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