Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blackberry Patch Log Cabin Quilt

Good morning, and look! A new quilt in my etsy shop. I pieced this last year in the heat of blackberry-picking, the week we were out at the patch of wild berries every night after supper. We always met our friends there, and David always picked into his yellow bucket, to match his little bright blonde head.


Julian said...

Love the colors! And look,that single patch of yellow!;)

Anonymous said...

I actually gasped aloud--beautiful!

The Mayo Family said...

Welcome back and it's beautiful!
I love the color and always a sweet sentiment behind a quilt made with love! Smile...
P.S. Enjoyed the lovely peach tulips...we are still struggling with winter dragging it's feet onward! Thanks for the post.

Lucille said...

I like David's patch. Something to puzzle future generations!

Mallorie said...

I think I spy some navy blue fabric with small purple flowers? I made some into my daughter's first Easter dress this year. Just lovely.

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