Friday, April 26, 2013

Jar of Dried Orange Slices

A friend came over today to talk over homeschooling options and brought this beautiful jar of home-dried orange slices. They taste like candy, except that the rind tastes like bitter candy--very nice.


Margo said...

that is a beautiful photo and a beautiful idea. I wonder if I could dry oranges in my oven. I tried that with apple slices with mixed results. To further the candy effect with your oranges, you could dip them halfway in bittersweet chocolate - my favorite Ghirardelli bar is orange, dark chocolate, and almond.

maven said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Did she tell you how she made them? Just sliced up in the dehydrator, or something more complex?

Anonymous said...


What encourages you to continue homeschooling?

What encourages you to continue to homeschool high school?

Thanks for any words of encouragement.

We have little ones through older ones.

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