Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gardenia from My Mother's House

My mother finally left the hospital Monday, after the surgery that didn't go as well as it should (actually the surgery was fine and her spine is so much better, it was just the two weeks near death afterward that  really got to her . . . .)

Rather than coming straight here, she went to her own home for a few days so she could keep some nearby doctor's appointments without lots of driving. This morning I went down to her house to just keep her company, and fill her fridge with good, fresh things to eat. Avocados and salmon and watermelon and kale salad and chicken soup.

And her gardenias were in bloom, and one came home with me.


Julie said...

Aren't they lovely? Mine always had one or two blooms until two years ago when I came home from the hospital with a new daughter - it was completely covered and breathtakingly sweet (a sign for sure since said baby girl was born in the Gardenia Room!). I'll always love gardenias!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, Been praying for your mom and the whole family. Glad to hear she is on the mend--and all of those wonderful fresh foods as well as your excellent company will speed up the healing process as well! My son loves the quilt you made and she quilted, saying with teenage brevity--"yeah, it's really nice!"

Rose said...

That's good news Anna, you must be so relieved.

jen said...

Glad your mum is doing better!
How do you make the kale salad?
I'm trying to eat more of it/

Polly said...

I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better and you're showering her with wonderful food.

I'm also eager to try the Anna Iced Tea approach. I'm pregnant this summer, often nauseated and almost always hot, and iced tea is wonderful, but I don't care for the luzianne that is my husband's standby.....

Anna said...

Polly, a baby?!?! Is this #3? Congratulations!

Jen, I just bought baby kale in the box (like spinach)--first time I've seen it at Kroger.

Julian said...

So glad to hear your mothers doing better. I know you must be so relieved and thankful;). Kale is yummy in many things, and my kids will eat it so that's a major yes for us!
I'm going to try your tea ideas. I like your combinations. Its so hot here in Texas and no rain until next Thursday!
Have a blessed weekend.
Ps. Gardenias were my grandmothers favorite flower. They smell wonderful!

Gillian said...

I am so glad she is doing better! I've been praying. The gardenia is beautiful.

Farrah said...

I'm so sorry that your Mother has had such a difficult go of it, but I'm glad she is home.

The gardenia is lovely!

The Mayo Family said...

Just checking in on you & yours and your Mom.
Praying all is going well & she continues to improve!
Have a blessed Lord's day!

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