Friday, June 07, 2013

Regensburg, and Goodbye to Germany

We spent our last two days in Regensburg, an ancient and beautiful small city on the Danube. It's center is a two-spired cathedral, in beautiful pale stone.

The river looks deceptively calm here. By the time we left it was flooding its banks in a 130-year flood. The guys loved it, of course.

Lunch at the Historic Wurst Kitchen. There are no choices here, except for drinks (see the tart rhubarb spritzer above). You're going to have grilled bratwurst, and sauerkraut, and a basket of rye rolls. Period.

Shopping here was fascinating. So many tiny stores, where things are made on the premises. We loved the brushmaker's. A glance into the back room showed us a row of horses' tails hanging from the ceiling. Daisy begged for (and got) a scrub brush that will appear on her birthday. Bella bought a hogs'-bristle clothes brush.

Giles and Felix are considering going old school with the shaving.

Another yarn shop. Clara has promised Daisy a summer shrug and beret in cotton.

One of our last outings was to the Composer's mother's grave. Cemetaries in Germany are set up to make it easy to keep the graves beautiful. Flower shops at the front gate, tools you can borrow, vending machines that dispense candles.

We picked up some pruners and did a lot of trimming and cutting away, planting and watering. There are cisterns filled with rainwater, and watering cans to borrow.

And then we came home.


Rose said...

Beautiful Anna, jut beautiful. Thank you.

Margo said...

I have really enjoyed these posts. You have such an elegant, interesting way of sharing some details of your trips.

I saw the wurst and fondly remembered the street food: a crusty roll, a bratwurst, and mustard on a plate. It was standard everywhere when I was in Germany.

And that brush shop! I would love to go there! My husband uses a shaving brush and shaving soap. It's actually pretty easy to find the supplies in our little city - maybe the old gentlemen keep it going?

Laura said...

Can I please travel with you next time??? I love your eye and your simple enjoyment of what each place has to offer, a little bit of shopping, a lot of nature - absolutely lovely!

I was in Mainz a few years ago and walked around two hours looking for exactly what you found in your restaurant - sausage and sauerkraut was all I wanted and it was hard to find!

Donna said...

I would love that brush shop, I have a collection of natural brushes and love adding to it. Loved your vacation posts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

Barb in Nebraska

Choate Family said...

Your photos are lovely. Thanks for giving us a little peek into your family's trip.

Lisa said...

Regensburg - I think Pope Benedict's brother George lives there.
The brat, kraut and rye sounds good!
You had a couple of fortunate escapes from flooding on this trip, it seems.


Anna said...

Lisa, the Wurst Kitchen was completely under water later in the week. Water was over the roof, I think. Deepest flood in 130 years!

Polly said...

I have loved your Germany-in-review. We've been struck with wanderlust your photos are only serving to feed that intense desire. So happy that you all got to be there together. I have to say that your crew looks legit in Europe--you don't have that 'typical American in Europe' look. You look tres international!

Love Felix's hat choices.

Susan said...

The flooding and cooler temps than normal are unfortunate for your trip (and tragic for the folks who live there of course) - but it's clear they did not take away from your lovely time in Germany. Thanks for sharing the great photos, so many good shots -- for taking us along.

May your re-entry go well! getting back to normal life can be tough sometimes.

Sallie @ A Quiet Simple Life said...

Thank you for sharing your trip. Your children are very blessed to have such opportunities.

I took two years of German at Michigan State and would love to brush up and travel over there! :-)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Lovely - so lovely! If only all resting grounds of loved ones were so well cared for!
Where my late in-laws rest, people are buried in all different directions to save space. In the cemetery where my father is buried, all graves face the East where He will appear with the angels. I like that!

Heather said...

I just love reading here! Thank you for taking us along, loved every minute of it. Welcome home!

Farrah said...

So much to say!

What a blessing that your family (including the girlfriend, who's name currently escapes me) was able to go to Germany! To visit The Composer's mother's grave as a family is so wonderful. Memories were definitely created.

Local, handmade items are so vogue right now.

I suppose there will be no trying to figure out what to order at that restaurant.

Were you able to do everything you wanted to do in Germany?

I'm glad you made it home safely.

Hill upon Hill said...

It is as if you are being supported in your grief and helped in making things easier, freeing the mind for thoughts to those who are being mourned.

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