Monday, July 22, 2013

At Work in the Bathroom

We have a little bathroom that's sort of the public bathroom--it's downstairs and not in anyone's bedroom. It was sadly in need of freshening up, mostly because the painted wooden floor was so very, very chipped and shabby. Last week we got tiny white tiles laid instead, and this week, before the fixtures go back in, I'm painting everything my Atrium White.

I love the interesting and new angles of light and shadow I always find when things are really torn up. I'll love it even more when they're back together, though.


Lilian said...

How exciting - looking forward to seeing it in all its white glory.

walkingthecat said...

Yes. More pictures, please!

Lisa said...

We have only one bathroom - it's hard to imagine your situation. :D But, very exciting to be fixing it up!


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