Monday, July 08, 2013

Bouquet Turning

Clara put this bouquet together last week. This week it's not as bright, but just as beautiful, with the hydrangeas starting to rust, and the asparagus turning to gold.


Tina Foster said...

Dear Anna,
I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting Pleasant View Schoolhouse for several years now; too many inspirations to name. I was hoping you could help direct me to a particular post detailing a Home Economics course you compiled for Clara, I believe. I have been diligently searching for it with no luck.
Thank you enormously for your willingness to help guide me and many others toward a greater appreciation for (and skill level in) this wonderful world of HOME.

Lisa said...

You don't often see such a green bouquet, apart from regular leaves. It's beautiful.


Anna said...

I was just thinking about this course because earlier this summer I saw Bella reading her way through all of the books on that list, on her own.

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