Wednesday, July 03, 2013

This Summer Week

This summer week: watering my garden, keeping up with the laundry, running every morning, watching my mother get stronger every day, sewing a summer dress out of chambray, making the usual bazillions of work phone calls, eating peaches from Farmers' Market, and reading Bella's stack of vintage Cherry Ames books.


The Choll said...

Cherry Ames! I love, LOVE that series. Second only to the "Judy Bolton" mysteries for action-packed do-goodery.

Isla said...

That sounds like a good week! :-)
I hope your mother is getting well very soon. All the best!

Rose said...

Cherry Ames? That reminds me of my favourites of that vintage: the Donna Parker series, about ten books?

Margo said...

I didn't realize you were working in addition to everything else. My respect for your busy life is renewed!

And I hope you show us a picture of the chambray dress - I adore chambray and I'm sure you would do it up fine.

Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear that your mother is going in the right direction.


The Mayo Family said...

Checking in on you & your Mom & yours!
Your summer sounds like it's moving along nicely! Smile
So glad to hear that your Mom is improving! A answer to prayer.
I see that your quilt is off the etsy bar? Smile Time for another or something small I know summer is hard to get sewing accomplished when there is so much...'summer' going on! Ha
Enjoy the July 4th holiday in how ever you all celebrate!
P.S. Are you doing any patchwork projects in the sewing room?

Farrah said...

It sounds like a good summer! I didn't realize you're working again.


Karla A. said...

Cherry Ames? Will have to check that out!

What is your work? (other than that which involves your family, of course...;))

Anonymous said...

You are streaking? I'm curious as to how you are holding up to every day running. I began streaking back in April, and love it now, but the transition was rough. Sandra

Anna said...

Karla, I'm working on just one case (for my brother) that involves more interviews than any sane person would want to do :) Fortunately it's just phone calls at my own convenience, but they do have to get done.

Sandra, I've moved to running 5x a week to make it *easier* actually, and I've shortened my runs to 2.5 four days, and a longer run of 4-5 miles on Saturday. It's 15/week for now and I like it! Less exhausting.

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