Monday, August 19, 2013

Clara's Knitting: Linen Apron

From an issue of Jane Austen Knits, Clara's linen apron.
She did the whole thing on our two-week trip to Germany.

The bib is a lovely wheat pattern, and the bottom of the skirt is deep lace. The straps  cross in back (not shown) and attach to a waistband (Clara added buttons).

I think if she were doing doing it over she'd make the bib wider, but it's still really pretty, and yes, washable.


Farrah said...

How gorgeous!! I'd be too scared to wear it, but boy is it gorgeous. Good job, Clara!

Rose said...

Great job Clara, I have never seen a knitted apron in fifty years of knitting! I love the concept but agree that a wider bib might be the way to go. On your slender frame this bib works, as I'm -- err -- well endowed in the bib area I would definitely need a wider bib. I'd be interested to learn of any patterns you find.

Mother B said...

Ohh my that is gorgeous!! Clara is so very talented!!

kath said...

Gorgeous! Such talent!

Linda said...

Amazing work with a beautiful outcome. Congratulations, Clara!

Lisa said...

That is terrific! I would also be afraid to wear it, that it'd get caught on something.

Rose, in Jane Brocket's knitting book, there's a knitted apron - not lace - the last photo in this post shows it.


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