Saturday, August 24, 2013

Working on My White Bathroom

Over the tub now, a mountain scene! A nice, big, paint-by-number from the thrift store. I popped it out of the frame and plan to mount a branch on the wall above it. I have a hard time selling this to my husband, but he'll learn to live with it.

The windows in here are so out of square ("handmade" is my mother's term), that each curtain only fits its particular window. So I've embroidered "West" and "East" on the two curtains to tell them apart.

Such a tiny room, it's hard to back up and get a picture. But you get the idea: white.


Rose said...

"Handmade" windows. Excellent term Anna's Mum.

mongollisa said...

I'm sold....on the cool picture....and *definitely* on the branch!

Anonymous said...

I recognized that painting right away because I have the same painting...I love vintage paint by numbers and just began collecting them about a year ago. The colors in this painting are especially nice.

affectioknit said...

I love white rooms!

~Have a lovely day!

Lisa said...

I imagine your husband will get used to the picture - it definitely adds a nice scene, and the branch sounds like a really nice idea.


Margo said...

oh, how would i LOVE having west and east embroidered on my curtains! Since we have old windows with strange angles, I could probably do this. . . hmmmm. Thinking now.

Tracy said...

I can relate to your window issues. We lived in a 100-yr old house for a while where nothing was 'square'. It was...interesting. Especially when some renovating was required.

Ingenious way to identify your curtains!

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