Monday, October 14, 2013

A Beautiful Strudel

Bella baked this apple strudel for one of the two Grandfather's Birthdays this week. We'll be baking another one tomorrow. Puff pastry from the grocer's freezer, and apples from farmer's market.


kath said...

Yum! That looks amazing! You are lucky to have such a multi-talented daughter!
My own daughter is currently doing a culinary internship at Walt Disney World. (She is a Baking & Pastry Arts student at the CIA) One of the places she was assigned to for a while was the German restaurant in Epcot and spent many days making strudel for the restaurant. Now I can't wait until she comes home and makes some for us! The nice thing about Disney is if you ask them for a recipe for something, they will almost always give it to you, so I'm hoping for some wonderful treats in a few more months!

Anonymous said...

Goodness the girl can bake!!! How soon before we see her cookbook???


Carol said...


This looks so delicious! (In MD)

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