Friday, October 18, 2013

Bella's Skylight in the Rain

Bella's skylight on this rainy day. I enjoyed the extra light down in the sewing room while I finished hemming a dress.

Also today, I made wonderful cream of celeraic soup, cleaned the bathrooms, bought Daisy a Venus fly trap (it's ravenous! It's eaten four bugs already!), and planted some Swiss chard.


Farrah said...

Sounds like you had quite the industrious day! I'd wondered if Bella's skylight had been installed. Was the soup good?

Carol Pack Urban said...

One day I hope to live in a house which has skylights! We live in a log house we built in 2001. Our builder told me skylights weren't possible because we have scissor trusses. DaRn!

The Choll said...

I hope your Venus Fly Trap enjoys a long and insatiable life of house fly and gnat murder. I had one as a child named "Earthling", but alas, it could not survive a bitter winter in suburbia.

Kate said...

Thought you'd like this:

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