Friday, October 04, 2013

Weekend with Clara

We're spending the weekend visiting Clara! And I've finally figured out how to photograph my short, medium, and tall girls all together.

We went out to our absolute favorite grocery store to stock Clara's room with crackers and dried fruit. We love this place because it has lots and lots of ethnic groceries, from Spanish quince paste to Israeli sumac to Saudi kabsa spice.

And there's a thrift shop next door. Clara found a genuine 1950's crinoline--the kind that can stand up on its own--with little blue bows pinned to the hem. I found a giant, reference-worthy volume of Gilbert and Sullivan lore that's going under the Christmas tree for someone!

Great excitement, Bella and Daisy are spending the night in the dorm!! Daisy brought some animals to visit Clara,

and spend some quality time with Clara's two bears, who are missed at home. They spend most of the school year in the dorm,

on Clara's bunk, gazing up at the paper cranes hanging from the ceiling.


Rose said...

Such a lovely photo of the girls Anna.

Lilian said...

Thank you for sharing about Clara's dorm - looks so homey!

Farrah said...

How wonderful! I hope you're having a swell time! Give Clara our best.

Choate Family said...

What a sweet gift to have all three girls together again! What great memories they are making :-)

Netajane said...

This is a great pose of the girls! I know you'all are having fun together :-)

Anonymous said...

That top photo is so sweet. It's sweet now, and they'll love it more and more. Good click, chick.

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