Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Little Black Skirt, Ruffled

Daisy needed a black skirt for her children's choir, so I went with the cheapest, easiest, and most last-minute option--a man's black t-shirt from the thrift store, cut off below the armholes, with the top turned down to make an elastic casing (as a bonus, the discarded part of the tee said something about exotic cat rescue!).

Then I cut a few long strips from the sleeves, ran a gathering stitch down their middles, and then sewed them to the bottom right above the hem, to give it a little fancy.

No need to join the strips, just overlap them a little as you go.


April said...

Approx what size does she wear that this shirt would work as a skirt? can we see a picture of the entire skirt?

Mother B said...

What a brilliant idea. So cute too! My girls are needing black skirts for music performances this season. Thank you so much for sharing!

Farrah said...

Very clever!

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