Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cardamom Rolls

I've started baking from a charming cookbook called Swedish Cakes and Cookies. It was a Christmas gift from Giles to Bella last year and is full of wonderful things. 

These are Cardamom Rolls. Cardamom is not a spice I've used much of--it's so expensive! But I got some at an ethnic market for a reasonable price and used a lot of it in these beauties!

There's cardamom in the dough, and then the filling is almond paste, butter, and more cardamom. So fragrant.


Lisa said...

They look very delicious.


Elena said...

Thats funny! I got that very same book from a swedish friend last august as a wedding present! I haven´t had a chance to try any recipe yet,but my husband is most eagerly anticipating it :-) Glad to know the cardamom rolls are a good place to start!

Fiona said...

They sound amazing. I'm surprised that cinnamon (or cardamom) rolls haven't taken off in Australia, they look so good! I don't suppose you know of a good gluten and dairy free recipe...?

Laura Lynn said...

It was cardamom that led me to purchase a mortal and pestle. Fresh ground cardamom is like nothing else!
Now I use the mortar and pestle for things I would have never imagined...
like bashing open a bulb of garlic and easing the cloves right out of their skins.

These rolls are beautiful and will likely make it onto the coming week's menu.

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