Friday, December 27, 2013

This One's Done

I finished quilting and binding this lovely piece. The quilting took about three weeks, I think. It's done with a fairly stout needle, in DMC perle cotton, all white. I didn't want to break up the beautiful subtle diamonds with any distracting stitches.

This vintage quilt top was pieced completely by hand, using fabrics that look like they date from the fifties through the seventies. The pieces are about an inch and a half square.

The colors are very thoughtfully used, with delicate plaids laid next to each other, and bright punches of red and blue here and there.

I've put it in my shop. Happy weekend!


Laura said...

This is amazingly gorgeous! Someone will be so blessed by your TLC. One day maybe I'll own one of your quilts but while living in Mozambique, I don't really need one :) Enjoy your precious family time and Happy New Year!

PS: Your blog is my favorite that I read, I just usually read it on a "reader" so I rarely click over to leave a comment. It's so peaceful and lovely!

Beer said...

Your quilts are always extremely beautiful and very delicately made. This is an exquisite one that I like the most. Especially the soft colors make the quilt more comfortable and warm.
Happy New Year!

Julie said...

This may be my favorite quilt so far!

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