Friday, January 31, 2014

Alabama Chanin's Spring & Summer Collection

I've been drooling over the new Spring & Summer Collection at Alabama Chanin. I love these color combinations, that tender blue-gray and that gorgeous nude. And the nipped-in waists and fuller skirts in these new garments.

Much inspiration for future sewing! I hadn't really thought about the pale pinkish-tan she's using in this collection before--now it's at the top of my list.

And how cute are those stripey socks and boots? Cute enough for me!
(photos from Alabama Chanin)


Lisa said...

I've been looking at it, also; kind of a Serving Wench look. There's a sale on.


seashoreknits said...

I've been loving the new looks also, Anna - isn't the coat above just fabulous?
So much fun to plan and dream over all the photos.

kath said...

I just love that coat! I pinned it to my Pinterest board. Inspiration for sewing projects is correct!

Lisa said...

Actually, your recent "bustle" idea fits in with this theme

Jen said...

Yikes. I don't get the appeal. My immediate thought was that it all looks like rags that have been burned in a fire. Like the idea in theory, I guess, but the fabrics look tattered and old, and not old in a good way.

Lisa said...

Jen, I didn't care for it first, when I saw it a few years ago. It has grown on me. The big thing is that Natalie Chanin is doing something entirely original, and that isn't easy these days when there's nothing much new under the sun. And there are degrees of it too, like anything else. Most of Anna's creations don't have that rough look you're seeing here.

(okay, I've said enough for one post)

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