Friday, February 28, 2014

A Glamorous Vision for Stew

"An artist in New York is famous for her dinners. And they are all based on stews! She has collected stew recipes from all over the world, and her friends collect to enjoy them. Anyone who feels that a stew should be presented with an apology should try one of these 'stew dinners.' First the stew itself, with Puffy Dumplings, bubbling hot in a big tureen. For the next course a mixed salad in a great bowl, with crackers and cheese of various kinds; after that comes an ice-cold fruit cup. And last of all the demitasse with little crisp cookies."

 --Ida Bailey Allen's Money-Saving Cookbook (1940)


Margo said...

What a lovely quote! And I have often served stews to guests - the flavor is incomparable for the effort. I think the name "stew" is the problem, really, with its slightly negative connotation. We must rename stews!

kath said...

I would love to go to that dinner party! Too bad I'm 74 years too late! :)

Anonymous said...

How inspiring. Thanks, Anna. B/North

Lisa said...

Glamorous vision is a good term for that. I have to get back to paying more attention to side dishes - the more sides you have, the more leftovers, which are so helpful for the days I work.


Holly said...

My favorite is the last line. I'm thinking cardamom cookies! You have the neatest way of looking at things, Anna. Your blog is the best out there.

Anna said...

Why, thanks, Holly! :)

Margo, you're right. Let's rebrand.

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