Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Friday to Monday

Although Irene Parrott's Friday to Monday is hard to find, I want to tell you about it so that if you ever see it you can snatch it up. It's only the best *ever* vintage lifestyle book I've ever come across. Published in 1941, it's a guide to enjoying your weekend--still a novel concept at that time--whether you are a host, a guest, or just a family at home.

It's written for the crowd who might own a weekend house, or visit those who do, but the standard of living in those cottages is eye-opening. She advises letting your guests know ahead of time if they'll be having to use the bathroom in the woods!

I adore the chapter on menu-planning which gives you the hostess' stream of consciousness as she plans the meals:
"Lamb chops (oh no, because I want roast rack of lamb for dinner). Swedish meatballs then (remind Sophie not to let the sour cream get too hot or it will curdle). Parsley potatoes. Lemon meringue pie (not the perfect dessert but I promised Phil I would give him one while he was here) . . . ."
It's so full of zest and joie de vivre, it just makes me happy to read it, and I hope that someday you can read it too.


Melissa said...

What an interesting sounding book. I see from "Googling" the book, you've written about it before. Would you care to show a picture or two from the book? Even Amazon doesn't have a picture of the cover of the book!

Farrah said...

I'm going straight to my library's website!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, you might also enjoy A House for the Weekends written by Virginia Kirkus and published in 1940. I bought my copy for a few dollars in a used book store while visiting in Vermont and for months after reading it, I longed for a weekend house. Alas, it is enough responsibility to take care of one house, but I dream on...


Lucille said...

You might also like this Anna:
I couldn't find Friday to Monday but have a lovely book called The Pleasure of Your Company by June and Doris Langley Moore published 1933.

Clara Field said...

I would love to read this! And the ones the other readers have mentioned above. What good finds!

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