Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Free-For-All for Columbines

It's a columbine free-for-all out here in the back yard. They are everywhere, even in the paths. They are all the same (clearly successful) color.


Julie said...

Lovely - so hoping mine willhave their first flowering come spring - looking at October/November in New Zealand.

Reinventing Mother said...

I love that salmon color! Mine are all yellow and also in full bloom. I'm going on a search for your color!

Kristin said...

I find columbines some of the most amazing flowers that God created!

Lisa said...

Very dainty looking.


TRS said...

Hmm. That's not what Columbines look like in Colorado where they are the state flower.
But I am no flower expert.
Those look a lot like Bleeding Hearts to me.

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