Friday, June 20, 2014

A Big Float with the Girls

The girls and I just got back from a camping and floating trip. Camping these days is very low-effort with these enthusiastic and skillful three. I sat back as they put up the tent.

Carol, always my partner in summer adventures, set up closer to the river. We're old hands at these things now and are good at making these jaunts easy, with food cooked ahead of time, lots of cut-up veggies, and plenty of homemade brownies.

The river was perfect and quiet, and we decided to try something new--a nine-mile float in inner tubes. Before this we've always stuck to canoes, but we bravely rented the tubes and put in, and sailed on down the river for nine and a half miles! That's a lot of time in the water, but everyone did great and we only had little bits of sunburn here and there.

Unlike most of our other camping adventures, it never rained on us. It didn't rain until we were in the car coming home, and then the skies opened and really dumped. But hey, that's progress!

And for the record, I am very grateful to live near such beauty.


Rose said...

What fun. However I am wondering how you got back from the nine and a half mile float? I hope you didn't all run all the way back!

Anna said...

Ha! Rose, we left a car at the end of the float and all piled in (with our deflated floaties). Then we had to drive back to the beginning and pick up the other car.

Farrah said...

Looks like y'all had fun! I had the same thought as Rose. We have tubing here as well, but have yet to try it as it costs a fortune here...metro inflation. ;)

Lisa said...

I'm glad Rose asked. :D


Laura Murphy said...

Maybe when my kids can do all the work, we'll try camping again! They say the family that camps together, stays together. We used to be a camping family, but somewhere we lost that desire. Maybe we weren't packing enough brownies.

My big boys are grown, and truly, one of my only regrets is that we didn't camp more. I think it's because we were always tired. Camping takes alot of energy.

Melissa said...

What are your favorite precooked meals to pack for camping?

Anna said...

Melissa, I like chicken salad (eaten early on the trip!), frozen chili heated up, stir-fries with meat and vegetables that can be reheated and served over rice, meaty pasta sauce taken frozen.

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