Friday, September 26, 2014

A Green Afternoon

Daisy and I are taking some of our Friday afternoons for little excursions. Today we went up to my in-laws' cabin. It was just us, with our books, stitching, and sketching materials.

We found some muscadines. Muscadines are magical. If one is ripe in the area, you can smell it. One is all I ever need.

The cabin's built on the site of an old farmhouse. The stone chimney, unmortared, is still standing. Mostly.

The river was running remarkably clear for September, which can be a stagnant month. But then this past season was, as the long-term weather forecasters called it, a "garden of Eden" summer.


Rose said...

What a great afternoon! In our house we say we are "excurting" when we take off and do something unusual outside.

Farrah said...


The fabric of Daisy's dress is perfect for the day's excursion.

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