Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Inspiration from Janet Bolton

Sometime in the days before I began sewing (2004) I studied Janet Bolton's books over and over. Those little shapes. That fabric texture. Those delicious little stitches.

At the time I was working in watercolor collage--inspired directly from these books. My collages were very much like paper versions of these jewel-like little pictorial quilts.

I almost never work in paper now, and am hardly ever so representational, but the idea of telling my own stories through my quilts has stayed with me.

These delightful books are available at Amazon.


Lisa said...

We have the first one at the library and yes, they are so simple and almost crude, but appealing. I would like to make a pillow with our house or Dolly on it.


Stefanie said...

Does this hint that your moving on from your log cabin kick? I can't wait to see what materializes. . ,

Rose said...

Isn't it amazing the variety of places our creative inspiration comes from?

Anna your post a while back about how you write in your morning pages about what you have created and what you would like to create inspired me. I have adopted the practice for several months now and become more productive creatively on a number of fronts.

AnnaVallance said...

Have both of these books which I love but have yet to create my own collage.Maybe this winter...

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