Monday, October 27, 2014

Last Day with the Cows

The cows spent their last day here. After sunset Neal, who is a busy man, or I would have expected him to be here during that convenient time called "daylight", rattled up with a truck and trailer. It was almost too dark for me to admire his lasso skills, but he roped Corky around the middle on the second try.

That's when we all realized there wasn't much of a plan in place. With Mabel shut in the milking stall, but in a panic of mother-terror trying to tip it over, the Composer and I were asked to sit upon Corky in various specific ways while Neal backed the truck into the pasture. I won't lie: it was terrifying. I had visions of Mabel successfully upending the milk stall and coming to Corky's rescue, broken legs or not. Daisy stood outside the fence weeping with fear.


All's well that ends well. Neal dragged Corky into the trailer, set him upright, then backed the trailer up to the milk stall. When he opened it up, Mabel hustled into the trailer to see about Corky, and that was the end of the scary part.

After seven or eight tries, Neal got the truck and trailer up the slight incline of the pasture and onto the driveway. I'll be calling to check on everyone tomorrow.


Rose said...

It's sort of Gary Cooper meets Gone With The Wind. ;)

seashoreknits said...

Oh this brings back so many memories! My husband and I owned a cattle farm many years ago (as our "second job"!) and raised Herefords. Those calves were so sweet and darling, and many's the time we would have to sit upon a calf to perform various ministrations while the mother came charging up from across the pasture bellowing and in great distress. It was always so scarey! But she never hurt us - just got close enough to assess the situation and to ensure her darling wasn't being harmed! Having said that, we tried to let that baby loose as soon as possible :) Cows (and calves) are SO STRONG. Glad Mama and Corky are in peaceful pastures once more.

Farrah said...

What?! No more pictures of Mabel?!

Lisa said...

You have such adventures!


Fiona said...

Sounds like a rodeo at your place!

Lucille said...

I get nervous if I have to walk through a field of cows grazing peacefully but too near the exit stile. This story gave me goosepimples.

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