Monday, November 03, 2014

Birdie Hop Out, Crow Hop In

With Mabel and Corky moved on to their rightful home, we've got the space for . . .

two sweet horses.

Once again, they're not ours; we're just lending them pasture space and enjoying their animal presence. 

 Vandie is a quarter horse and Maisie is a Palomino. They're both getting old, and both very gentle (though Vandie does like to go, go, go in terms of distance). Unfortunately, on this our second day, they were a little too enthusiastic leaning over the pasture fence to eat the grass just out of reach.

When it gave way, they wandered over to the neighbors two doors down. However, this was nothing like the runaway cow incident and it was over in half an hour.

(All this traffic in large animals lately has shown off a side of the Composer I've never seen. He's always been more of a European city man, but this week has seen him rassling a calf and leading a horse around.)

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Anonymous said...

You and your family and your adventures are a delight to read about!

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