Thursday, November 06, 2014

Yes. More Shop.

Throw pillow, vintage books and magazines, handmade apron, jersey quilt.

Go here, if you're interested. 

Thank you so much to the readers who have purchased from me. 100% of my profits are given away. I'm currently giving to the orphanage where Bella is volunteering. They have just broken ground to expand and are building six new cottages to provide family-style homes to children who are in desperate need. Win!


Lisa said...

Ah, you're getting rid of the crocheted butterflies! :) I'm buying that book - it's too new to inter-library loan, and even though I will talk my boss into buying it for the library, I think it would be better to own it. I have been going in the "get rid of as much as you can" direction, but I'm curious about this woman's way of looking at things.


Polly said...

Love this! Last night my friend and I were doing our weekly wednesday night book-study together and discussing fundraising opportunities. She and her daughter (age 6) are currently raising money to build a church in Asia--they do everything from selling baked goods and homemade items at farmers' markets to selling surplus garden veggies to selling honey! I'm brainstorming ideas of things I can do to raise money--while still keeping life at home (with young children!) running. It has been an interesting point of discussion, and I'm generating a few ideas. I love seeing the way other people, like you, are making this work. Thanks for the inspiration!

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