Tuesday, December 30, 2014

And Then a Highly Saturated Blue Log Cabin Quilt Top

After Saturday's quilt binge, I sat down to start another quilt. This one was going to be all different bright and saturated colors, really loud and wild. But then I kept seeing this collection of blue and green rejects off to the side, and I realized that I would have to turn my pile of "no's" into a big "yes."

So Clara and I put this quilt together yesterday. It was quite a bit of work, since it's thirty-six strips that are seven strips across. It's several acres. But it sure is beautiful.

Clara says not to ask her to make a quilt tomorrow. But maybe I can talk her into the next day!!


I Heart Stitch Art said...

Quilt binge... that's a great term. How wonderful to have such a partner to binge with!

I want to thank you for recommending Marie Kondo's book. I bought it for myself for Christmas and read it very thoughtfully. It has really changed my thinking and I'm now prepared to part with half of what I own (at least I think I am). It is something I needed to read just now and I wouldn't have discovered it if not for your blog.

Julian said...

Beautiful! Christina

Lisa said...

Poor Clara! :D


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