Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another Sunrise, and Some Fruitcakes for the Gluten-Free

Another gorgeous sunrise, the first of the Return of the Exiles (as the Composer calls it when the adult children come home), and several fabulous fruitcakes.


Felix is the first one in the door of the three Away Kids. It didn't take him long to ensconce himself in what we call "Inventor's Corner"--a computer, a calculator, and a notebook not too far from the woodstove. Serious inventing going on today.


I've found fantastic fruitcake recipes that don't rely on any kind of flour at all! Just ground almonds and lots of fruit:

Christmas-Spiced Chocolate Cake by Nigella (oh my)
Gorgeously Golden Fruitcake also by Nigella, much more traditional
Alsatian Christmas Bread (not a bread at all. I didn't use this recipe, but it was the closest I could find. Mine required only dried fruit, fruit juice, spices, and ground almonds)


Rose said...

I can't resist that Alsatian "bread" recipe! Thank you Anna.

Marie said...

Love the sunrise picture. Have a blessed day!

kath said...

"Return of the Exiles." I love this! I'm going to borrow it and use it for my own grown children!

Anonymous said...

With gluten sensitivity and SERIOUS nut allergies, we have turned to spelt flour. It is cheaper if you ground the berries yourself.

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