Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Felted Kitty, Freestyle

A while ago the Composer went to visit Giles in New York and they stopped at our favorite Kinokuniya, the Japanese bookstore in midtown. Mostly we go for notebooks. But the Composer also brought home a "kit" to make this felted kitten. I say kit, because really it was just some bunches of wool roving, and one photo. That was it.

 Yes, there were instructions in Japanese, but they appeared to say something like, "Create felted cat." So to have this little critter even remotely resemble a cat was a huge victory for me. 

Needle-felted animals are not going to the top of my list. 


Kate said...

I love it! So darling!!

Lisa said...

Well, you managed it! The composer knew you could. How cute.


Mallorie said...

Hey, you "created a felted cat"...success! You did well with not much to go on, and certainly better than I could've done. My friend makes little felted animals; I think they are so sweet. She had a hard time finding helpful instructions when she was getting started, though. I say try again with an English kit- I think you have a talent for it!

seashoreknits said...

I find it very kawaii!

jenny_o said...

It's Fitzwilliam! (pretty much) I think you did a wonderful job with no instructions.

Heather said...

a friend for Fitzwilliam!

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