Monday, March 02, 2015

Bonnie and LulaBelle

The neighbors had six baby goats born at Thanksgiving, and now that they are old enough to wean, they've moved into our pasture to live with Daisy's two young lady goats.

The two very best, sweetest, and prettiest are Bonnie and LulaBelle. Bonnie is white with a black head, and has a lame back leg. But she's so pretty! And LulaBelle has a half-pink nose and long, lustrous hair.

Neither one was doing well on Friday though. They got cold and wet and just couldn't get comfortable (AND they had loose droppings--a bad sign in goats), so we brought them inside. For two days and a night they lived in a playpen by the stove, carefully tended by Daisy.

Then I couldn't take the smell anymore--just too barny--and they went down to Phyllis' house. Now they're well enough to be back out in the pasture. But I ask you: would you look at that pink nose?


Farrah said...

Daisy must have been thrilled! Did she created a newspaper post on them?

Elizabeth said...

I am never showing this to my daughter or she'll be begging for goats next. :-)And how would I be able to resist that little pink nose?

jAne said...

oh how darling.. :)
funny - i have a vintage trailer named Lula-belle (which was my great grandmother's name).

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