Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Slippers. I Made Them.

Somehow I'm fascinated with vintage patterns for slippers--they are often included in bedjacket patterns. I tried these out this week.

 They are completely hand-stitched because I couldn't get them under the machine.

For materials, I cut the sole out of some kind of fake suede/shearling I had a hand-me-down scrap of, and the cream color is wool felt. The outer layer is pink corduroy, and they are bound with commercial quilt binding. They were fun and easy--but I don't think they'll stay on without a strip of elastic sewn in place to be a heel strap, as suggested by yet another vintage slippers pattern.


Anonymous said...

Those look so much more comfortable than commercial slippers which are just too bulky! - Amanda

Beer said...

How pretty slippers. They look so cozy! Anna, I admire you can do anything so easily!

Margo said...

I have a whole Pinterest board about making/sewing shoes and slippers. I'm very intrigued, but the two times I attempted it were disasters. Yours look pretty, but I'd definitely want the elastic!

Julian said...

How cute! Christina

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