Monday, April 13, 2015

Afternoon in the Pasture

Dolly's baby is definitely getting bigger in there--we don't know much about a due date so are open to a surprise. She's getting used to being handled, and spends much of her day rolling or resting in the ashes of the burn pile. We didn't burn the brush there with her comfort (or existence!) in mind, but it's working out for her.

Corky magically reappeared in the pasture while we were at our Wednesday night Bible study. I understand he'll be visiting until Dolly's baby arrives. He's worried she'll be lonesome without another big animal. He's always giving me the stink eye.

So that's the news from the pasture.


Lisa said...

Did we know Dolly was expecting??


Lilian L said...

What have you done to Corky to deserve the stink eye? Or is he just taciturn by nature? :)

Anna said...

I think Corky remembers the way he left our house the first time--I had to sit on him while he got trussed (he was much smaller).

Lisa, did I not mention? It made her selling price quite the bargain--two for one. Except we only need one donkey.

Farrah said...


Lisa said...

I didn't think it had been mentioned. So, a baby donkey is coming! How the plot thickens! :D


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