Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter 2015

 "[Christ] was neither abandoned to Hades,

 nor did His flesh suffer decay.

This Jesus God raised up again, 

to which we are all witnesses."

Acts 2:31-32


Julian said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful table, beautiful Savior! Christina

Melissa said...

He is risen indeed! Lovely photos...looks like you had quite a houseful for dinner.

Farrah said...

What did you make?

Lisa said...

Happy Easter!


Anna said...

Farrah, I made a ham, a turkey breast, buttered peas, new potatoes with parsley, roasted asparagus, sauteed yellow squash, and green salad, and my mother made a whipped cream fruit salad, rolls, and several desserts.

Polly said...

Beautiful! I love the simplicity of your table setting. It is just right.

Farrah said...

Sounds very healthy and fresh!

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