Thursday, April 09, 2015

Feedsack Extravaganaza*

I found this outstanding quilt imprisoned in an antique store, the quilt top unsuitably matched up with a nasty pink flannel sheet bottom layer. And as for the "batting" in between, it was an unbelievably heavy plasticized polyester bedspread that weighed about twenty pounds. The three layers were tied together with ratty pink acrylic yarn.

I performed top-removal surgery, cutting out each tie. Then I sent it to rehab--my mother's house. She put soft cotton batting in and chose a charming cotton back, then hand-quilted the whole thing with embroidery floss.

I worried that the yarn would leave indelible holes, but everything healed just fine. There was a little suturing required at seams here and there.

Apparently (see below), at some point the quilt had required a transplant. One of the corners is a churn dash block. Based on the seventies-nature of the fabric, I am guessing that the pieced blocks sat in a closet for decades, then were put together by a daughter or grand-daughter who found herself one block short, and took the easy way out, before turning the whole thing into the horrid tied mess I started with.

But our surgery was successful and the patient has recovered just fine.

*"Extravaganaza" is a term that Giles accidentally coined and used in a big batch of printed posters. We've found it to be quite useful.


Rose said...

How nice for the quilt top that it finally landed with you and your Mom Anna.

CTVKath said...

LOL. do you really feel about the pink horrid mess?

Beautiful quilt - I'm glad you rescued it.

Katherine in Atlanta

Sarah said...

Fabulous find! Definitely worthy of the extra effort put into it. : )

Julian said...

Beautiful job and teamwork! Christina

Erin said...

Gorgeous! I love that pattern. But the one churn dash block would drive me batty. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad this quilt top got a happy ending!

Personally, I would not mind the odd block out -- it's just a reminder of life's little imperfections.

Danielle Fowler said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Lisa said...

So much work - it looks beautiful!


Heather said...

Well done, Doctors. :) It looks very healthy.

Tracy said...

Incredible quilt. So glad it was saved with love and patience.

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