Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Composer Comes Home from New York

The Composer just got back from visiting Giles, and unlike me, he took a camera.

Also, it was warm enough to take the sailboat out, so he went on his first sail with Giles and a friend.

I was lucky enough to do this a few years ago. Such a wonderful experience--I'd love to do it again. I need to stop visiting on Palm Sunday weekend, which is always too cold.

At the other end of the cultural spectrum, Dolly the Donkey got her hooves trimmed today by a therapeutic farrier and his four students. Somehow it was so moving to watch these strong men work at a skill that so few have, that's been practiced for hundreds of years, and hasn't died out yet.


Anonymous said...

What was moving was seeing the gorgeous picture of Lady Liberty. And the picture of big strong men being manly: trimming hooves and other manly missions which God commanded us to do. He is gracious.

Rose said...

Needless to say those are fabulous shots, thank you so much to the Composer. I dream of going to New York City (and state) one day so this is very special to me. Isn't it clear and crips, I didn't think NYC would be.

Lovely to see Giles! That "boy" will be 24 this year won't he.

I had to look up "therapeutic" farrier. The latter I knew of course but not with the word "therapeutic" before it. Fascinating.

Lilian L said...

Lovely pictures Anna.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful post. Visiting your blog is an oasis of calm in a world that often isn't.


Farrah said...

gorgeous pictures!

I'm glad Dolly is getting new shoes. She is a girl and was probably thrilled.

Lisa said...

Great photos - especially of the Statue. And a happy belated birthday to you, Anna.


Polly said...

What a gorgeous day to sail! The Composer's photos do it justice, too. They are all beautiful. That sky!

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