Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Another Jersey Doily

Last week I sat through a day and a half of professional development--otherwise known as 9.5 hours of handwork. I took plenty of jersey projects with me. 

One of the most satisfactory was this jersey "doily". A riff on the traditional crocheted kind, it's just a double-layer circle with a bunch of little appendages sewn on by running stitch. Then you get the fun of embroidering.

Since I usually use mine underneath a vase or flowerpot, I skipped doing anything in the middle of the doily. Also, I wanted more of a statement on my "petals," so I went with big black eyelet stitches. It went fast, it went fun.


Polly said...

I like this! I have been thinking I need to use more doilies in my life (really). Sort of a quick-handsewing-fix.

I do not miss attending CLEs at all! I only wish I had known how to sew back when I was an active member of the bar. These days I'm associate so I get away without continuing education. But that'll change in a decade or so! And I'll have skills to get me through it. (I also like the idea of you sewing while surrounded by lawyers.)

Anonymous said...

I love how you kept your handwork going throughout. I have often wondered about this and longed to pull out my knitting, but.... How do you decide whether it is considered ok to just begin working? Do you ask the speaker in advance? Sit at the back? Is it alright in a bible study, or not? I would hate to insult someone by taking my work out, but at the same time, I listen better with my hands occupied. I've rarely had the nerve to do this in a class or meeting setting. Sandra

Anna said...

Good questions! I guess I go by feel. I would never sew during a church service, but almost everything else is fair game. I don't ask anyone, and I don't sit at the back. I do sew during a Bible study, unless there's a lot of looking things up to do. Clara also knits in all those settings. Class, chapel, etc.

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