Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blue-Gray Facets: An Alabama Chanin Jacket

I was happy today to finish this jacket which required many stitches. I used the Alabama Chanin bolero pattern in an extended version  that's more jacket and less bolero.

I made two layers. The outer one I stenciled using the "Facets" stencil--and let me tell you, cutting that thing out is a project in and of itself. 

Then I stitched around each shape using one strand of button and craft thread. Then I cut around each shape.

Then I added strategic beads and sequins. They helped the shapes to read as organized rosettes or stylized flowers.

Then I constructed the garment and bound the edge.

I'm wearing it over a six-gore dress that's been pumped up with four godets to add fullness to the skirt. Two in the front, two in the back.

All done, at last.


Polly said...

This technique with this stencil looks so textural! Much more so, I think, than reverse applique would. I like it!

I am a lover of the godet. Just added a few to a dress recently to give it more swish. Love the result.

Sigh! I love it all.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if you send pics of your amazing alabama chanin creations to the kind people who keep that wonderful store. you should. just beautiful. a work of art, actually! :-)

Lynn said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning! Your Alabama Chanin garments are so lovely.

Georgie Gerl said...

Anna, it is lovely - a real work of art. It must be lovely to wear 😊

Wendi said...

I love it! I have that same color fabric lined up to make the new A Line dress (to wear with the grey wrap cardigan you're making for me:)
That's a depressing story... I bought cheap knit fabric from Joann's to test the fit on the a-line dress. I didn't want to waste my expensive AC fabric. Well, the Joann's fabric was so thin, I had to go buy more to double it up (don't like wearinfpg slips if I can help it.)
Now I've spent just as much on a dress that's half polyester. Yuck.
A facets skirt kit was the first AC project I ever made. It wasn't painted very well, so I thought it was daisies, and sewed it that way.

the momma said...

gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Wow - such intricacy! And the godets are such a good idea.


Carol said...

Anna: This is exquisite. (MD)

seashoreknits said...

Another AC work of art!
Just lovely Anna!
Well done!

kath said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

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