Thursday, July 02, 2015

In the Pasture

What's going on in the pasture these days? I'm glad you asked, because I want to show you pictures of the world's sweetest baby donkey.

Burley (sigh). 

He loves us and we love him. In fact he's kind of maddeningly affectionate. He likes to give us about .05 inches of space. I've learned to wave my arm behind me when I walk away (like an annoyed donkey) to get him to give me some room.

 He's all about the love.

Next we've got great news from Dixie Trixx--she safely delivered a single baby girl a week ago! Her name is Dulcie and she's just at the stage where she's hopping and springing and boinging around, just like you've seen on the internet.

Though we had watched Dixie carefully for Signs of Labor so we could keep her shut in her pen--we were worried that she was too small to deliver safely--she went out into the sumac one afternoon and came back out with a healthy baby. Daisy cried with joy.

Finally, I've started trying to clicker train Dolly, our full-grown guardian donkey. It's a very slow process. The first several days she ran away when I clicked the clicker. She's a little more cooperative now, but definitely gives the impression she's not interested in cutting any deals with me.

Also, she still loves her ash pile.


Lisa said...

Such interesting doin's at your place. :) Enjoy the holiday!


Farrah said...

They're so cute! Daisy looks just joyful.

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