Saturday, August 08, 2015

Tiny Adorable Chicken Pot Pies

Bella decided to make a big batch of these so that she and Clara would have something interesting to take for their lunches this week (physical therapy clinic and law office, respectively).

She used our usual chicken pot pie recipe (I say usual, but with half of us off gluten for the last many months it's been a while since I made it!), but used the biscuit dough to line muffin tins. Without pre-baking them, she filled them with the creamed chicken and vegetable mixture, then popped in the oven. Amazingly, they slid right out of the pans after cooling.

Not eating gluten, I had to give these a pass, but they sure did smell good, and make the girls happy.


Melissa said...

Yummy lunches for those girls! Clara in law? That is interesting.

Running with a sharp pencil said...

Yummm! I am giving up gluten too! I just made my own mix of gluten free flour - Mixing 3 (20 oz.) bags of Bob's Red Mill flours and one box of Ener-G sweet Rice flour. - 1 bag tapioca flour, l bag of brown rice flour, 1 bag of white rice flour and 1 20 oz. box of sweet rice flour. I found the recipe on a non active blog - Wheat-Free Sisters

Rose said...

Those look delish! Bella any time you'd like to prepare our lunches for the week .... :)

Anna would you translate for me? Bella used "biscuit" dough, I'm thinking your biscuits are what we would call scones, that is, flour, butter, salt and water?

Anna said...

That's right, Rose. Just like scones only not sweet. People have two approaches to chicken pot pies--there's the crowd who goes with a piecrust topping. Or the more Southern version we do--the biscuit.

Melissa, Clara's working in the law office for at least a few months. They keep her busy!

Running with a sharp pencil--I actually don't eat any grains whatsoever, since November. So no gluten-free flour for me :)

K. Anne said...

Anna, I am very interested in your no-grains approach. (the how, why, etc.) Due to the advice of a doctor, I gave up sugar and white flour three years ago and have definitely felt much better. I am, however, allowed to eat grains, only if sprouted.

Anna said...

Well, it's pretty simple. I don't eat grains or sugar. I do eat dark chocolate every day (very dark). Very small amounts of fruit and sweet root vegetables. Lots and lots of leafy above-ground vegetables, cruciferous veggies, salad, cheese, nuts, poultry, fish. I feel wonderful, have lost all of my little health complaints (joint pains, stomach pains, skin problems), and have lost a lot of weight. And I don't crave junk food and never go hungry. I recommend it!

K. Anne said...

Isn't it amazing? As I said, I really notice a big difference, too. My dr. allows the sprouted grains, because they digest as a vegetable. We eat small amounts of fruit, too, especially because it needs to be organic. That can get expensive, unless you grow your own. When you have to give up so much (I have to be milk-free, too, because it stirs up my respiratory system), you begin to be drawn to foods you never would have touched before!

Please share some of your go-to meals in some upcoming posts, if you are able. I'd love it!

Also, if you still run, what do you find are good snacks to fuel you?

Michele said...

Could you please share some meal ideas? I need to eat very similarly, and have found it monotonous. I, and I'm sure others, could use some ideas. Thanks!

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