Thursday, September 03, 2015

Velvet Nubbins

We are all getting our money's worth out of Sister--endless entertainment as well as softness. 
In this house her paws are known as the velvet nubbins (more specifically, velvet forenubbins and velvet hindnubbins).

Anyone would like this cat.


jenny_o said...

"Anyone would like this cat" ... and we do! Velvet nubbins. Love it.

Rose said...

She's not a kitten anymore.

Anna for Clara's information, Quince and Co has some fabulous new hat patterns.

Christina Gomez said...

Pretty kitty! Christina

Lisa said...

She looks all grown up now, and very beautiful.


Running with a sharp pencil said...

She is so gorgeous! Have you read "The Tribe of Tiger"?

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