Friday, October 30, 2015

Alchemy, The Jersey & Velvet Edition

Months ago I pieced this quilt from jersey scraps cut into strips. I wasn't that fond of it, but I passed it on to my mother to quilt. She just gave it back to me . . . 

 . . . having worked some kind of alchemy on it. Jersey--quilted--looks and feels like velvet. It's crazy! This is the softest thing ever. I've pieced jersey quilt tops before and left them unquilted, no back or batting, and it's not the same. This has the whole batting and muslin back treatment, and it is SO VELVETY.

Much as I love it, I do plan to sell it (too many quilts, and more coming down the pike!). It'll be in the shop this weekend.

1 comment:

Rose said...

When you posted about that quilt last summer (err, winter) Anna, I too felt a little unsure but that looks stunning! There must be a magical stitching gene in your family.

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