Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Farm to Table

We took a couple of golden hours off in the middle of the day and drove up to a farm-to-table restaurant. Besides the chicken and salad, the plate offered fried okra--better than home! Fried in grapeseed oil, with the faintest dusting of cornmeal: I'm trying it myself as soon as possible.


Rose said...

The menu looks good. It looks very dry in the second photo, I hope it's usual for the time of the year and not a drought. We Aussies are always thinking about rain.

Farrah said...

How neat! Homemade sourdough is the best.

Lisa Beth W. said...

Loved the pic of Daisy in the tire swing. That looks like just the kind of swing my dad made for us kids. You can swing so high with no fear of falling off/out--even save for little ones! Nice that you could enjoy such a yummy meal on an outing like that.

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