Monday, November 02, 2015

Archery Lesson

Felix was home for a day and a half, and brought his bow and arrows. Clara's hooked, and is borrowing them for the next month while he travels. 

No one shot the chickens.


Davene Grace said...

Oh, wow! This doesn't even look like something from real life! It looks, instead, like something from a movie set or an enchanted world. :)

Does Felix routinely dress like that? So snazzy! Best wishes to him in his travels! :)

Rose said...

Love it! How utterly cool and original of the "kids".

That first photo is a classic, it could be from any of the last five decades.

Felix it's great to see you.

Sherry said...

glad to know the chickens were unharmed in the clicking of these pictures and the effects of excellent aim by the archer(s). :) glad you had your son home - if only for a bit.

Lisa Beth W. said...

Felix--what a hipster.

Archery is really fun. We did a short stint last year with our home school co-op, and the children had a blast with it. Clara looks elegant and a little Diana-esque with a bow in hand. :)

jenny_o said...

Excellent, in all ways :)

Farrah said...

That looks like so much fun! Felix and Clara look like twins. Safe travels for Felix.

Lisa said...

Yes - the hair is different. And his glasses and his attitude - he looks like an explorer or professor. Or a scientist. Ha. Of course he does. I love the vest, the tie clip - he learned it all from you! (Where's Alejandro these days?) Anyway, he looks good!


Wendi Brant said...

Clara... with a different kind of bow in hand, love it!
They are such beautiful children.

Anonymous said...

If I sent you David, they could have all posed for the cover of a Bobbsey Twins book.

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